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Would you like to jump a level? Get to a Director level? Vice President? Chief Human Resources Officer?
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Save years of struggle by getting targeted help now to position yourself for promotion!
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Coordinators are kept coordinating. Disrupt this by taking the steps to show your strategic value!

"You have reached the place you are because of a certain set of behaviors. Now let's change that pattern to get a different result--AND get to a new level in your life." 
-Katy Caselli

Invest in Yourself Here: Just $169.00 for an 8 Week Course!  Bonus 1- hour coaching with Katy Caselli- Organizational Psychologist and creator of the HR Careers Show!
How it Works:
  • Pick a SPECIFIC goal to focus on achieving by the end of the 8 weeks.
  • I’ll share valuable insights to solve the most common issues that are holding you back via video courses.
  • You will: Examine self-limiting beliefs, interpret the resistance you experience, decide how to take control of your day, discover your strengths, and realize best how to influence others.
  • ​You will: Begin to use behaviors that will help others take notice of the value you bring.
  • I’ll introduce specific tools to help you succeed with getting approval, getting visible, and getting a powerful seat at the table.
  • ​When you purchase the coaching package you get exclusive access to my 8 week coaching course and a FREE Bonus: A one-hour coaching session with me over a virtual meeting space.
  • ​Go at your own pace! You have indefinite access to the course area
  • ​A self-study course with the addition of live, one on one coaching. Also, resources, ideas and examples are included with wost of the lessons.

No Risk Guarantee: If you are not satisfied just let me know, I'll return your money, no problem.

A small investment in yourself now could mean hundreds of thousands in future earnings.

Katy Caselli is a 20+ years experienced Human Resources Professional focused on performance, training, and career advancement. An Organizational Psychologist and author of the book: Building Giants: A Proven System to Transform Your Workforce Through Effective Training.

"Over my career, I was given three promotions for jobs that were not even on the org chart. They were created for me because of the powerful results I was able to show strategically for my organizations. My bosses created those promotions just to keep me!"

Invest in Yourself Here: Just $169.00 for an 8 Week Course! Bonus 1- hour coaching with Katy Caselli- Organizational Psychologist and creator of the HR Careers Show!

Free Bonus! One hour individual coaching with me ($789.00 value)

This course really made me think and be truthful with myself in a non-threatening setting. I found an amazing job just one month later…

Thank you so much for our session! It really helped me to focus on some key areas where I can truly show my value! 

Hurry! This is a low introductory course, get in now before the prices go up and the bonus disappears 

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