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Building Giants, LLC helps organizations plan, measure, execute and report impactful changes to improve people systems. We measurably impact retention, performance and effectiveness. 

An Industrial/Organizational Psychologist can put the whole organization on the couch

  • Orientation and onboarding to retain valuable new hires.
  • Setting up Leadership Development Programs 
  • Systemizing employee development and career paths
  • ​Addressing performance issues
  • ​In-depth needs assessment and strategic solutions

Katy Caselli is an expert in workforce development and an industrial/organizational psychology (licensed in North Carolina). She is the Founder and President of Building Giants, LLC, an author, speaker, coach and instructor with over 20 years of experience.

Success Stories- Effective Training

A costly performance problem resolved
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 A case study of effective training showing an ROI
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A strategic plan leads to company transformation
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