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How Can You Make Yourself Powerful by Showing Powerful Results?

In any Human Resources, Recruiting, L and D, Benefits and other people oriented roles, you can make a big difference, both for employees and the organization.  Also, you can plan, measure, execute and report that change to prove you are a valuable strategic partner.

Katy Caselli can help with targeted career coaching, plus consulting and course packages designed to show measurable results.

I was ready to quit my job and stay home because of a difficult boss and zero chance of promotion.

I was home on maternity leave to have my second child (and relieved to have a break!) But soon I would have to return. And I dreaded it.


Not only did I not want to go back, but I didn’t want the babies raised by strangers, so i told my partner one of us needed to quit our job. He thought for a few seconds then made me see the truth: Not only did I make more than him, I had to get a raise of $10,000 more a year to afford the mortgage in California. So that HE could stay home, take care of the kids, and run a side gig.

I had to face it, so I got serious about advancement: I read about 6 books a week, mostly during my 2-3 hour commute. I learned so much that I solved the problems that put our department under so much pressure. That difficult boss was the first to create a new position for me, and give me a 10K raise. This happened twice more!  I got hooked on career advancement and discovered that showing powerful results was critical.

Katy Caselli is an expert in workforce development and an industrial/organizational psychology (licensed in North Carolina). She is the Founder and President of Building Giants, LLC, an author, speaker, coach and instructor with over 20 years of experience.

A “people systems” expert, Katy works to improve workforce skills and value and coaches HR Rockstars to transition to the top of their game. She is the author of Building Giants: A Proven System to Transform Your Workforce Through Effective Training.

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Building Giants for Leaders- Workforce Development 
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