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Free Class: Positive Work Environment

Spread positivity and keep your valuable employees. This course is 45-55 minutes and engaging: deliver it virtually or in person, to leaders to remind them of the incredible benefits of positivity. 
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People leave poor work environments. Use this course to make a positive effect of workplace culture.

Free Class: Conducting Stay Interviews

Keep your valuable employees by making sure they are heard and seen. This course is intended as a lunch and learn, deliver it virtually or in person to help your managers have meaningful, career directed conversations.
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Talented employees switch jobs every day. Keep your valuable talent by helping managers conduct effective stay interviews.
Free resources to download:

Ten Ways to Accelerate Your HR Career This Week!

Become a champion by deciding this moment that your future will be different. Then begin to make the minor changes this week that will change your future career.
Little things you do today can have a big impact on what results you see in your future career.

The Wage Gap- Are You Earning What You Are Worth?

Learn about the ways in which women fall behind in their compensation. In this short, one hour course, learn  strategies to negotiate.
No one wants to be paid less than what they are worth. Find out in less than an hour if you have fallen behind and how to fix it.

Free eBook: The Training Strategists Guide to Growing a Learning Culture

Make strategic, organization-wide changes and snowball learning in your organization! Learn how one organization was unrecognizable after three years of learning program growth.
Build support for learning, show visible results and get people excited about what Learning and Development can do!

Free Case Study -How A Training Program Showed a Career-Changing Return on Investment 

Learning and Development: Nothing is worse for the career than having no results to show after an important training course. UP YOUR GAME by showing measurable results!
Build support for learning, show visible results and get people excited about what Learning and Development can do!
This includes a template and instructions to show a Return on Investment Yourself! 

Watch The HR Careers Show to get actionable, inspirational help to accelerate your HR Career!

"I look forward to these episodes more than my favorite TV Shows!"
- Christine Odumlani

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