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Training Results Masterclass 

What if you could change your focus in your job from chasing down missing students and reporting the number of "Butts in Seats" to actually making your organization more profitable?
Take this course and Show a Return on Investment on the very next Training Program you Offer!
  • Show off your value to your leaders and set yourself up for career advancement
  • ​Stop the estimated 60-90% of failures with typical training design and increase your budget instead of losing it!
  • Make your Learning and Development career safer in a shaky economy! (See the video for how I saved my job in the 2008 recession!)

Enroll in the Training Results Masterclass and you'll be entered to WIN the Building Giants Training ROI Award for showing a return on investment for training of $20,000 or more.  You can do this! 

"Clever course. It covers key aspects of personnel training from assessment to solution. It also very astutely arms us with materials that when presented should inspire confidence from our bosses that we can make a positive impact. I feel it's the right track, very well presented."

-Derek Lawson

It is not your fault that you are not getting great results after training. Training vendors hint their training has given client fabulous results, and yet they do not do the work to help you show the same fantastic changes.

Most companies never measure the impact of training beyond smiles sheets or the occasional post-training quiz. Imagine the shock and awe when YOU do it!

Grab Your seat Now! Just $189.00 For a Limited TIme (usually $389.00)
*Why? Because this is a marketing test, when we have gathered data, the price will go up. Why wait for another day to prove your value? Losing a job in a shaky economy is an expensive wake up call. Get serious about showing value to your company today and feel more confident.

Show valuable changes when you take the Building Giants: Training Results Masterclass

When you show how valuable training can be, your organization EATS IT UP. Why? Because most leaders never hear about change after training. This is because of these sad researched findings: That 60-90% of all training fails to show any measurable result for the organization. 
  • ​One student was sent to a change management certification course and never used it, after spending $7,000.00!
  • Another student was sent to a two–day leadership class. BUT nothing changed over the next three months.
  • ​A third student attended a Train the Trainer Course and improved performance in the factory by $87,000 per year.
What caused this GIANT gain? This time training professionals used the  critical steps from the course: Building Giants: Training Results Masterclass.

You instantly get access to all this!

The Course: 18 lessons and additional resources
A project plan in Gantt Chart format to help you structure your program
A slide deck to help you rock the needs assessment step with leaders!
You are instantly entered to win! Just write up your results of a $20,000 ROI
Unlimited access to Katy Caselli through email if you get stuck
The Training Strategist's Playbook: Everything you need to form your strategic plan
Based on the book by Katy Caselli
Katy Caselli, Organizational Psychologist and Founder and President of Building Giants, LLC has been an expert in Learning and Development for over 20 years. She specializes in helping companies and individuals gain an edge over the competition through talent.
Where was this book when I started Training? This is truly the "soup to nuts" approach with solid evidence and case studies to back up why this process works! This book is truly a must have resource!    -K. Barkhouser, CPLP

Katy has written for over two hundred publications....Including:

Read what others are saying about this course!
I used Building Giants’ methods to bring a third shift group of new hires from 40% machine uptime to 69% uptime in a few short weeks, surpassing all expectations by director level staff.
I later developed an operator qualification program which drove our Right the First Time (RFT) metric up by nearly 10%. We also saw reduced costs in headcount and customer complaints
-J. Smith
Operational Excellence Manager Los Angeles, CA
I really enjoyed the course, and found it incredibly helpful that Katy included clear and useful examples, interspersing it with worksheets which I could use to practice the skills taught. The information was put together very well. I found it very meaningful and will definitely be taking more classes by her!
-Rachel  Lim
Training Manager, Charlotte, NC

Here is what is in your online course:

  In Section 1:  Avoid 40% of training losses by measuring the  EXACT problem in four ways
 In Section 2:  Set up active and engaging training (virtually or in person) where new skills are practiced
  In Section 3: Keep students "in class" even after they have returned to the job

    In Section 4: Collect evidence of your amazing training win!

  • ALSO: You get the Training Strategist's Playbook designed to lead you to a Return on Investment measurement
  • ALSO: Case studies and real life examples
  • ALSO: High quality videos from someone who has been there, in tough environments just like yours
 And get this bonus: FREE Access to Katy Caselli through Email to help you if you get stuck!! KCASELLI@BUILDINGGIANTS.COM
Grab Your seat Now!

I'm so excited to see you succeed with effective training and I would be proud to deliver to you a prize for your success in achieving ROI of at least a $20,000 gain for your organization. I'll teach you the exact steps in my course and help you show off your efforts to the top leaders in your organization.

Click on the boxes to see four examples of training wins

P.S. I'm so confident that you will be able to show a return on investment/strong business impact that If you are not 100% happy, I'll gladly return your money! 

Building Giants: Training Results Masterclass

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