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Research shows us that most corporate training efforts end in failure because the workforce does not adopt new behaviors and skills in the job.  This is not the fault of HR and L and D professionals- it is because many critical steps are in the hands of those who assign the work- Front-Line Leaders.

Grow skills fast with this training course: designed to get leaders of all levels to do the steps that make training effective and measure real results after training! 

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  • Benefit: Make internal workforce development efforts pay off and stop losing training dollars and time.
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"Success for Learning and Development and Human Resources Professionals depends on the strategies they implement in the business that bring powerful results..."
Katy Caselli is an I/O Psychologist (lic. in NC) and a workforce development expert, and holds certifications in  Instructional Design, Technical Training, Change Management, and several others in the Learning and Development Field. In her book,  Building Giants, she explains the reasons why training fails to show any measurable value in many, many organizations, especially the ones that need those skills the most.
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I owe my career to the skills Katy has shared with me. The reality is I carry those skills with me in every job that I have had and I believe I am an effective coach/leader because I was able to attain those skills.
I would highly recommend the Building Giants Train the Trainer program. Katy does an excellent job of taking the complex and explaining it in simple terms. Her program is a must for anyone in the field of organizational training and development.
She was very informative and helpful. Her train the trainer course has worked wonders.
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More About the Course: Building Giants: Development Planning for Leaders

4 Hours, 6+ students


This course is a workshop designed to turn Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) into Certified Trainers. Interactive and engaging, attendees create a training plan on a topic of their choice and prepare to train others. Generally, students are chosen from the experts of the workforce so they can train others one to one or in small groups to excel with technical tasks.  In this course, students learn how to breakdown a task and plan to teach others successfully how to perform it. This course is designed to be used as an internal certification.

Course Objectives:

Prepare to perform technical training
Perform a Job Task Analysis
Demonstrate technical tasks
Compose SMART Objectives
Evaluate student learning objectives objectively and report them
Draft a final training plan
Course Outline

Attendees determine the impacts of poor training by analyzing a case study
Attendees discuss the invisible losses of “The Buddy System.”
Attendees create a training plan specific to a topic they are an expert in.
Attendees practice performing a Job Task Analysis after assembling a complex
toy and breaking down the tasks into teachable chunks.
Attendees practice with SMART objectives by setting goals for a complex toy.
Attendees create student activities that help with skill evaluation
Attendees learn to give objective feedback of SMART objective accomplishment,
and document this.
Attendees give a summary of their plan to others and get feedback.
After class- Attendees execute their training plan and collect feedback for improvement. Certificate included to award to attendees who execute their training plan successfully. 
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I met Katy through her Train the Trainer for On The Job Trainers class. The class was a wealth of information regarding technical training. I felt like I met someone who could offer me extensive professional experience and solutions regarding how to grow our company's training program and my own professional development. 
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