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How We Saved $370,000 Over Three Years by Replacing Just 5 Poor Performers
A large company had a very serious performance problem.  The performance overall was rather low, but there was not much leaders could put their finger on. In many tense meetings leaders blamed other departments, other leaders and constantly lamented that they were not able to "holding people accountable". 

But in one department, Maintenance, it was easier to see problems.  For years, the company had the practice of promoting people who had some technical skills into Maintenance jobs but without offering formal training and confirmation of their abilities. Once a new manager came to find me: he was wincing, shaking his head and rubbing his temples as he spoke. 

He had noticed a critical piece of equipment was down and went to check on the repair. He found that the one assigned to the work had asked two others to step in and help, and they had been at it for six hours...All that downtime and triple the people needed to make a simple repair.  And they  were no closer to fixing the problem six hours in. 

The new manager decided to start troubleshooting himself, and soon had found the issue. It was crushed glass in the conveyor belt. On a conveyor that moved glass!  No wonder his head hurt.

When he came to me with this story I knew I had to help somehow. The key was using Industrial/Organizational Psychology methods to define the problem. Because we had a serious performance problem, and it had been going on for years...

We did an evaluation and saw that several team members were not earning their paychecks and in fact we saw we were losing about $20,000 per year on each of them! Please read the following case study about the problem and solution. 
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Get this exclusive consulting package and make a strategic impact in your organization

CASE STUDY: How We Took a Department That Lost Money for Decades and Made it Profitable
The Problem: Poor performance had been shown for years by a significant amount of maintenance employees.  Performance management had been ineffective due to a permissive manager who loved to be "one of the guys".  Another didn't bother to try any of those "soft skills" and simply yelled at employees when they couldn't fix things. No training had been offered for years,  and we uncovered some illiteracy problems and there as a common need to "partner" with other team members to finish simple jobs.  Hands-on troubleshooting tests revealed skills levels far below industry standards. 

The Project Scope: Very poor hiring and lack of performance accountability led us to this situation, and impacted productivity and breakdown costs.
The Method: Strict performance evaluation using a scientific approach, and the development of structured hiring methods and tools. 

The Result: Performance value was improved by $220,000 over two years. Performance loss was reduced by $150,000. The Result: Over the next two years, employees left the company through attrition and the lowest performers were moved back to the operator level.  As poor performers exited, they were replaced with high performers only.
Good Performance Value went up by $220,000. Poor performance value decreased by $150,000. This loss is the missing performance the company paid for in salary.

This chart shows how the organization was LOSING money on poor performance in 2013 (the red) and how they grew top performers (the green) over three years in total salary costs per category of performance.
We saved $150,000 in losses as compared to their pay.
We gained $220,000 by hiring in top performers. Total performance change
 = $370,000
The Science Behind It:
  • The field of I/O Psychology has uncovered ways to measure performance in dollars. This forms the basis of measuring the value of Performance Vs. the Salary.
  • Development planning is a factor in raising performance- This project plan is critical even if termination is not planned as the end result. Or, consider an "organization reset" by adding these tools to your Reduction in Force or Growth Plans.
  • Use this system with just ONE low performing employee and save $20,000 per year on performance!
What You'll Get:
  • A presentation and guide to educate leaders about the value of performance and steps they will take to help performance rise significantly. 
  • An evaluation tool to measure the current state for a problem area using I/O Psychology.  It's built to measure performance in dollars and cents.
  • A step by step consultation guide to gain control of what performance level you allow into the organization: selecting only the best.
  • One Hour Strategic Consultation with Katy Caselli (virtually) to help establish your needs, goals, and plan (valued at $780.00).
  • Email access any time to Katy Caselli for the duration of your project for guidance for your organization's specific issues. (Valued at over $680.00)
Limited Time Offer of 

Get this exclusive consulting package and make a strategic impact in your organization

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