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Essential Leadership Skills for Frontline Leaders
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Essential Leadership Skills 8 hours

Student Objectives:
o Discover your personality style and apply this knowledge to improve work. relationships

o Communicate effectively with different personality types to improve engagement, to influence others and to build trust

o Resolve conflict among team members and peers-remove long standing conflicts and improve constructive conflicts

o Give effective positive and constructive feedback

o Act in a Team Building Challenge- An exercise in inclusion and adjustment

o Increase a positive work environment for an overall more effective work life

Training outline:
o Each student determines their work-style and explores the strengths and weaknesses of that style.

o Students recognize the personality of others and adjusts their communication styles to work more effectively together.

o Students give feedback to “Moe Riley” a smart but conflict-generating employee, following the details in a case study.

o Students practice active listening to build trust and gain clarity.

o Team building exercise: group project to practice modifying behavior in groups bring out leadership and empowerment in others.

o Students look for ways to make their interactions and relationships more positive by adjusting a mindset.

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