"Done With You" Projects to Fire Up 
Your HR Career!
  Show off the exciting, measurable results your organization sorely needs. And become visible, promotable        and indispensable.

  To Advance- HR Professionals need conclusive, measurable, eye-popping results showing they have              strategically solved irksome, and costly problems, permanently.

 Low-Cost Expert Guidance plus live one on one consulting- Put it on the P-Card!

Make Yourself Powerful by Showing Your Powerful Results

Human Capital Transformation

Are leaders using a “Good Gut Feeling” and choosing poor employees? Raise organizational performance and keep it high!

Use this system with just ONE employee and save $20,000 per year on performance! 

 Some employees are losing you money with every paycheck. Improve performance with the Human Performance Transformation Project! See how this package saved a total of $370,000 over three years! Click to read the case study)

Complete step-by step consulting package to help you run your project and measurably impact performance.

Building Giants Workforce Development System

Up your game by showing valuable results after training, with this step by step consulting package. Make your training efforts pay off!

Have you spent thousands on training that showed 
no real results?

Research shows us that 60-90% of all workforce training shows no measurable result. Show off your strategic value by measuring real results after training!  "Wow" your executive team with improvement data they have been wishing for!

Use this step by step guide to from the needs assessment step through measuring your impactful results!

Setting Up Structured On the Job Training (S-OJT)

Are your employees learning by making costly mistakes, such as injuries and quality issues? Set up S- OJT Training to establish a measurably valuable process.

S-OJT has been proven to reduce training time by 72%, Increase troubleshooting ability by 130% and reduce errors by 76%.

 Get employee technical training and onboarding under control, AND measure before and after for a big career boost!

A step by step guide to making your organization more competitive with the proven advantages of S-OJT  while improving productivity and preventing costly losses.

HR's Get a Seat at the Table Coaching Class

One on one coaching can advance your HR Career to your next exciting position faster than you can believe is possible! 

8 weeks of lessons to help you build critical skills for HR or L&D career advancement, plus a 60 minute session with Katy Caselli.
Get specific, career enhancing help today to get you through your biggest obstacles and on to your exciting future!

Struggling with getting visible? Office Politics? Gaining credibility and trust with your leader? All is possible. But everyone needs a coach to help them get to success.

Watch Katy Caselli on the The HR Careers Show to get actionable, inspirational help to accelerate your HR Career!

"I look forward to these episodes more than my favorite TV Shows!"
- Christine Odumlani

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